This is the Dev page for HyperBK a Mozilla Firefox extension which is an alternative Bookmark Manager and History Manager for the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

HyperBK replaces the bookmark manager in Mozilla Firefox. It hides the standard Firefox bookmark functionality. Please note that the original Firefox bookmark file is not tampered and is left intact.  

 Install Now           0.5.3    

Requires Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ - 3.6


Beta 0.5.4 (Firefox 4.0 Beta 1)


This work has been presented as the Thesis for my B.Sc. I.T. (Hons.) Degree at the University of Malta. in May 2006. Due to the great feedback I received I have decided to keep on supporting and adding functionality to HyperBK.

My supervisor was Dr. Chris Staff whom I thank for the great help he gave me.

The aim behind this extension is to be able to provide better bookmark functionality from within the browser itself. Features that are implemented include: automatic classification of the bookmarks into their correct bookmark folder, page thumbnail for better realization of the bookmark's contents, more complex search features, permanent caching of bookmarked pages and possibly detection of changed/offline bookmarks. Together with this the history will get the look of the bookmark categories so that a user may decide to look into the pages he visited that are related to the bookmark folder X.

Take a look at the Screenshots and Help section for more info about the extension. Alternatively you can visit this link to see this extension on the Mozilla Firefox Extension webpage.

Please help me continue developing HyperBK by a small donation. Thanks to all those who donated.
You can view my homepage here: and if you have any comments or bug reports please send them to

Also HyperBK can be installed on Flock Browser ... more info here.