Version 0.5 - Compatible with Firefox 3.0.0.*

Version 0.4.2
- Fixed Bookmark Export html facility (now includes dates and can also be imported to Microsoft Internet Explorer) - Fixed a bug on open of new window - At startup HyperBK will try to repair bookmark file if this is corrupted.

Version 0.4.1
- Fixed New Folder Dialog not showing any folders

Version 0.4
- Support for Firefox 3.0.0.* - Preference to Open new bookmark in new Tab - Some additional Firefox 3 improvements

- Support for Firefox 3.0a7

- Sidebar tree persists state
- Bookmark manager and history manager trees persist state too
- Fixed issue with drag and drop
- HyperBK button can be dragged
- Faster WebPage Parsing

- Improved Import/Export of bookmarks (now supports import of RDF)
- Removed Google SOAP Web Search ... using google directly as SOAP is not supported anymore
- On import icon is imported too
- On bookmark favicon is stored with bookmark

- Some Minor Improvements
- Added Some Context Menus
- Sidebar Drag and Drop

Version 0.3.8
- Localized, contains FR and NL locals
- Added Bookmark Description
- Fixed Minor Bugs
- New Icons for Bookmark Menu
- Bookmark menu supports Drag and Drop (beta)
- Middle Mouse Button on Bookmark in Bookmark menu opens bookmark in new tab.
- Statusbar with URL when mouse hovers over bookmark in menu.

Version 0.3.6
- saves a backup copy of the bookmark file every 5days in hyperBackups folder
- updates thumbnails (on visit after a fortnight)
- HyperBK homepage with top 10 visited bookmarks
- new option to open bookmark folder children in tabs (in context menu)
- added some links